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Tranquil-a-sea Float Therapy Prices & Packages  

60 minutes: $35

90 minutes: $40


"The flotation tank makes use of this sensory deprivation effect to bring about a gentle, pleasant, controllable, and temporary shift in consciousness in anyone who floats. This shift in consciousness is healthy...educational...can be manipulated, explored and used in such a way as to cause changes in attitude, physiology, and behavior that persist even after one emerges from the tank." -- Michael Hutchison, The Book of Floating, Exploring the Private Sea. William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1984.

The list of potential benefits below is only partial.

* Stress relief

* Pain relief -- excellent results for chronic pain, fibromyalgia

* Complete relaxation

* Detoxification

* Adjust your attitude, your perception

* Combat insomnia, illnesses, depression, anxiety, obesity, addictions, fears

* Creative visualization

* Sports and injury recovery

* Enhanced learning

* Achieve theta brain waves that it takes monks years to achieve

Puts your body into a healing state

* Helps the body release endorphins, dopamine -- it's own opiates

* Helps the body regulate hormones

* Boosts the immune system

Repeated floating is a tool that can and will change your life, your perspective and your perception of reality for the better. The effects are cumulative. 

Release your inner potential.

The best is yet to be with Tranquil-A-Sea!

Contraindications and things to know

If you are under a doctor's care for a medical condition, PLEASE consult with him or her prior to floating. 

Do not float after a large meal. 

Don't be hungry enough though that your stomach will be a distraction. 

Avoid caffeine!

Do not float if you have any communicable or infectious disease or illness, skin disorder, large cuts, open sores, wounds or recent tattoos. 

Small abrasions may be covered with Vaseline because the salt will really hurt and detract from your experience.

Do not float during your first trimester if you are pregnant. It is very beneficial in the second and third trimester and helps with postpartum adjustment and depression.

Do not float if your color is not permanent. You will dye the tank. 

Do not float if you are incontinent during sleep. 

Do not float if you are so claustrophobic, for example, that you would have to be sedated to enter an MRI. 

Some people have overcome claustrophobia by floating with the lid open. That is an option. There is also an optional light inside with the control inside. 

How it's done

Put in silicone earplugs

Take a thorough lukewarm shower to remove dirt and oils from body and hair.

Rinse soap off thoroughly.

A neck floatie is provided in case of hair dye, tubes in ears, inability to use earplugs, etc. Some people have trouble relaxing the neck, especially at first. 

Ear plugs will keep the solution from entering your ears and enhance the sensory deprivation experience.

If hair is recently colored, a bathing cap is provided. Also use the neck floatie. 

We strongly recommend floating naked as detergents could remain in a suit that would be undesirable. You are alone after all. 

Enter the tank, one foot at a time while holding the grab bar. 

Sit down carefully and when ready, close the door to the tank. You may float with the lid open. 

Float on your back only.

There is a spray bottle with water and a washcloth on a small shelf inside in case water gets in your face. 

Relax all the muscles in your body. You may want to contract them and relax them repeatedly.

Experiment with different arm positions to see what is best for you. 

If you experience racing thoughts, try repeatedly counting to seven and back down while observing and slowing your breath.

I like to get in the zone by doing "snow angels."

Floating experiences improve each time as you discover what works for you.

Relax and enjoy!!

At the end of your float, music will play, the light will come on with movement.

Wipe the solution off your body and into the tank as much as possible.

Take a shower and emerge renewed!