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Frequently Asked Questions about Massage

Q: Do I have to take off all my clothes?

A: I prefer each client remove all but his/her underwear. Underwear makes for a good place to tuck the sheet and ensures modesty. I only undrape the portion of the body being massaged and re-cover it when work is complete. Ladies should remove bras and all clients should remove jewelry especially necklaces that would get in the way of massage.

Chair massages do not require you remove clothing, maybe just extra layers. And soft clothing is nice for the therapist.

Q: What portions of the body do you work on?

A: I work on any affected part that warrants work and is the desire of the client that I work on. Typically the chest and stomach are not addressed.

Men: No, I do not perform ANY work on the genitalia and I do not wish to see what you're working with. I suggest the Indianapolis Yellow Pages under non-therapeutic massage, Craig's List under erotic or Non-therapeutic/erotic massage, or the advertisements in NUVO.

Q: Do you do outcalls (work at client's location)?

A: generally no. I can see more people in a week if they come to the office. (It is not handicap accessible though). I do health fairs, (if anyone hosts them anymore), on-site chair massage for corporate events, hospitals, etc. 

Q: What should I do before a massage?

A: Schedule sufficient time so you don't feel rushed, be well-hydrated, don't take medications that would limit your perception of pain or pressure beforehand, if possible. Turning off your cell phone will insure a relaxing experience.

Q: What conditions contraindicate a massage?

A: If you have a contagious condition, either an illness or skin condition, PLEASE RESCHEDULE for a time when you have recovered. I do not have sick days and I am not impervious to illness. Spray-on tans will be removed by the oils if they are fresh. A fresh sunburn, poison ivy, recent surgery, large abrasions or a large fresh tattoo are also reasons not to get a massage.

Q: What should I do after a massage?

A: Don't schedule a work-out or strenuous activity immediately following. Muscles will be in a highly relaxed condition and might be susceptible to injury for a few hours. Try to take it easy and drink PLENTY of water.

Q: Why do I sometimes feel sore after a massage?

A: Massage is basically a passive workout and is actually a form of irritation designed to increase blood flow. The amount of blood and fluids including toxins that circulate, especially when tight muscles are released is significant--thus the need to drink plenty of water afterward. This will increase the flush-out of byproducts and you may experience increased urination and/or sweating as these are released. Also, some techniques are designed to increase blood flow to tight or painful areas by means of irritation that breaks up scar tissue and adhesions from healing past injuries. The muscles will be retrained to a proper resting length and will require some adaptation afterward.

Q: It sounds as though you don't do anything but therapeutic massage. Are your massages relaxing?

A: I do relaxation massages, but I am not what I term a "fluff & buff" therapist. I specialize in deep tissue, but rely on your feedback to determine the depth of work that is appropriate to you. I do try to release areas of tension I find even when the objective is more that of relaxation. I can't help it! This is the reason I sometimes run long on a massage. I find things I wasn't anticipating and I don't want to leave them to get worse.

Q: Why are your massages so long?

A: During massage school we were taught to do a full-body massage in 1 hour. I found this very stressful as a therapist because it didn't allow me enough time to address all the problems a body might present. As the recipient of massage, I was just starting to relax by the end of the hour and then it was over. I find the back alone warrants an hour in most cases. Giving you the time you deserve at a price you can afford (hopefully once a month) is the niche I have created for myself. Few others do this. This is my commitment to excellence.

Q: Where were you educated?

A: I enrolled in a 750-hour, year long program at Professional Careers Institute (PCI). Midway through my schooling, Kaplan College took over. Shortly after graduation, they discontinued offering a massage program. I continue to study various techniques and modalities as the opportunities and finances present themselves.

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